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our Church school ethos

We are proud to be a Church of England School. We are a voluntary controlled Church School which means that we are fully funded and maintained by the Local Authority, yet with strong links with the Oxford Diocese and our local churches.

As a church school, we are fully inclusive as we are here for ‘all faiths and none’ and our vision is to ensure that every child in our care experiences life in all its fullness, underpinned by Christian values and teachings.

Being a church school brings a core purpose and focus to the personal development of our children, morally, culturally and spiritually. Our ambition is to create successful learners and future influencers, yet equally to ensure our children develop a strong moral code and become socially responsible local, national and global citizens that think of others as well as themselves.

Our aim for the children to ‘let their light shine’ is that they are encouraged to have the courageous advocacy to make a difference to the lives of others around them and show this through care and compassion. This aim underpins our rewards and celebrations, our behaviour policy and our social action group work and is the basis on which our PROUD principles are formed.

In talking to the children about what it means to be a pupil in a Church School, they talk about a sense of belonging and community, of celebrating differences, of tolerance and of having a clear understanding of how to be a good person. They appreciate time to pause and reflect, to share prayers and reflections and learn the meaning of bible stories to help them make good choices. Our staff talk about the teamwork in our school and the sharing of special moments in Reflections and Church which bring moments of spirituality, calm as well as lots of joy!

As a modern Church School, we give the children the opportunity to ask questions about the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. Our RE and PHSE curriculum allows them to ask philosophical and topical questions about the world around them in an age appropriate way and also to ensure that we are proactive in helping them become tolerant of all faiths and cultures as well as better understanding Christianity.

More information can be found about Reflections in our Daily Reflections page on this website and please if you have any questions, then do come in and ask!