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English lessons are taught daily across the school and are linked to our main Topic focus for that half term so that the children can immerse themselves in a genre and specific content. We teach sessions in writing, reading, spelling and grammar.

The writing milestones are detailed for each your group for each term using the Cornerstones Curriculum. This reflects the national curriculum so we know that writing follows a progressive curriculum model

We base our teaching of writing in the following way:

1. Immersion in good quality reading texts and examples/ model texts

2. Development of transcription skills such as accurate grammar, handwriting, punctuation and spelling. This is supported by dictation activities. 

3. Children encouraged to then produce several drafts of their writing, receiving live feedback from their teacher to improve content and ensure matches intended audience and purpose.

4. Publishing stage- focus on accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

We also develop our children's vocabulary across the school by carefully choosing 'Star Words' for each topic area for the children to learn and then apply in their writing and conversations. 

We regularly moderate and monitor our writing as a school and have one of our senior leaders is also a local authority writing moderator.

Spelling is taught in KS2 using spelling rules and strategies and the detail of this is available under the KS2 Spellings tab on the green menu on the right.