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Social Action Groups

Our key philosophy is to create young people who wish to support and give something back to society and this year the children decided to work to raise awareness and campaign for three key social action areas.

1. Plastic Pollution (KS1)

2. Global Warming (KS2)

3. Hunger (Foundation Stage)

They chose these areas as they felt that we must protect the planet and all the great things that God made and because they felt very strongly about protecting the future for the generations to come.

They have written to local supermarkets and politicians to express their concerns and produced leaflets to raise awareness of these issues with their parents. Some of the children ran a stall at the Summer Fayre in order to raise the issue. Our Oracy Showcase this year was a 'Speaker's Corner' where the children spoke passionately about this area.

So far, their impact has been:

1. We know have more recycling bins in school for plastic as well as paper

2. All water bottles in school are no longer single use only

3. We are moving to using tin foil in the school kitchen rather than  cling film

4. We are reducing the amount of laminating that we do

5. We are trying to save paper and less photocopying.

Continue to watch this space!