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School lunches

We are really lucky to have a purpose built kitchen and dining facilities on site which was opened in 2016. Our Catering Team are able to provide healthy, hot, nutritious meals to the children of High Ash every day.  Meals must be booked via Parentpay by 9am on the day of the booking.

Lunch is served between 12:00pm and 1:30pm.   Children can choose where they sit in the dining room and children with a packed lunch still eat in the dining room even though they don’t have a school meal. Children are given coloured wristbands which correspond to the meal that has been chosen to them.  The children show the wristbands to the catering team members when they arrive at the servery.  Any children who have an allergy are also given a yellow band which they keep on throughout the whole of their time in the dining room, to make all lunchtime staff aware that the child has an allergy.

Lunchtime staff members encourage the children to eat as much as they can at lunchtime and to try new things.  Children have the choice of seasonal vegetables with their main meal or can help themselves to salad from the salad-bar. 

When a child has finished their main meal, they scrape any leftover food into the bin and put away their plate, cup and cutlery on the waste trolley.

We have a desserts table where the children can help themselves to the dessert of their choice. Children can choose whether to have fresh fruit, a yoghurt, or a home-made dessert.  The choice varies each day. If your child has an allergy, they will receive their dessert directly from the kitchen.

Michelle, our Catering Manager, is always available if parents have any queries about menu choice.  Please contact her via