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Pupil Wellbeing

Our school motto is 'Grow Together Shine Forever' and at the heart of this is the desire for all our children to live and experience life in all its fullness with a healthy mind and the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, worries and aspirations in a safe and caring school.

Inspired by the 'Art of Being Brilliant', we have worked at developing mental wellness through exploring growth mindsets and how to be the best version of ourselves.

Our pupil's well-being offer follows a four-stage approach:

Level 1- this is our universal well-being offer providing pastoral care for all children through our PHSE curriculum, our Reflection and class circle times and pupil voice surveys.  We also have started to work with a Character Development organisation called Commando Joe's, and we have our own Commando (Pete) who comes into school each week to work with the children on developing resilience and empathy. 

Level 2- this is when we provide some short-term interventions to support children who may need that extra care. This is in the form of daily check-ins with a trusted adult, use of zones of regulation.

Level 3- We have a fully trained counsellor in school to offer bespoke 1:1 support for children who need more specialist support. We currently have capacity to provide this for three afternoons per week. We may also look at referring to CAMHS at this stage.  

Level 4- if children need longer term specialist support that we cannot offer in school, we may refer then to an external Play Therapist or to providers such as Ride High which can offer bespoke therapeutic support. We would also look to refer to CAMHS at this point too.