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Our vision

Our vision for our school is that we 'Grow Together Shine Forever' to become the very best version of ourselves and then let our light shine on others. We know our children are going to be influencers and  leaders of the future, yet we are committed to also ensuring that they are compassionate and caring community members, with a generosity of spirit and a sense of social responsibility that enriches the world and people around them and feeds their souls. 

As a high-achieving school, we encourage our children to be the best they can be; yet we also base our vision on the parable of the Good Samaritan so that they too will wish to help others no matter who they are, show acceptance, be culturally aware and inclusive and not always expect something in return.

Our bible quote of 'Let Your Light Shine' (Matthew 5:16) is to show the children the joy there is to be had in spreading goodness and having the courageous advocacy to make a difference in the world for the community good and not just that of the individual.