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Our Churches

We have strong links with the three churches within our catchment and our children take an active part in leading worship in church at Harvest, Christmas and Easter, with the support of the Reverend and other church members. Our school takes part in readings at Remembrance Day, Christmas Carols and Family Worship services during the year. We also hold a special Year Six Leavers' Blessing at Church every July.

We meet regularly with the Reverend and parish committee members to discuss how we can work together as Church and school. We have worked together to let our light shine beyond the school gated by distributing Easter Cards to those living on their own in the community and in supporting the food bank at Church.

During COVID, the Church contributed weekly to our newsletter with YouTube links of prayers, bible stories and reflections. 

 The Church have supported 'Open the Book' assemblies which involved the children in learning key bible stories with a clear moral message, and we continue to use these teachings to support our and values. 

For more information on our churches please follow this link: