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Curriculum Leadership

The overall strategic direction of the curriculum at High Ash is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the Governing Body.

Mrs Kate Goodger, Deputy Head - Curriculum Leader.  Kate oversees and monitors the detail of the curriculum intent, implementation and impact. 

Mrs Jess Underwood, Assistant Headteacher- Year Five/Six Leader & Maths Lead

Mrs Jess Weatherall- Year Three/Four Leader

Miss Katie Webb - Year One/Two Phase Leader

Mrs Cate Bird - EYFS Leader

Mrs Natalie Barrasford - Phonics and Early Reading Lead

We follow the model that our Senior Leadership Team oversee and plan the curriculum content together at the start of each half-term to ensure that it is progressive, knowledge based, meets the milestones and builds on prior learning. They also work closely together to ensure pitch and expectations are high. This means that teams can talk confidently about why they are teaching certain units of work and where it fits into the overall subject curriculum intent.

In addition, we have developed a model based on subject leader teams for our wider curriculum. There are three teams: Humanities, STEM and the Arts. These teams have a member of SLT on each one, and they meet every half-term to monitor learning and progression. This model has proved to be more successful for us than having one individual subject leader and has really allowed us to ensure progression and consistency.

Team responsible for:


The Arts

Including PE, Art, French and Music

Ella Whitehead

Rachel Gray

Becky Boyd

Kate Goodger


Including Science, Maths, DT, Computing

Jess Weatherall

Jess Underwood

Katie Webb

Clare Webb


Including RE, History, Geography, PSHE

Charlotte Maylor

Cate Bird

Natalie Barrasford

Emily Gough


Kate Gooder

Ruth Lewin

Phonics & Early Reading

Natalie Barrasford

Becky Boyd