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The curriculum is at the heart of what we do at our school in order to provide the children with the knowledge and skills across all subjects to prepare them for their future lives as well as inspire in them a love of learning and an experience of the best of what has been said and done.

Our aim is to ensure the 'daily lived lives' of our children at school allows them to have a deep understanding of the national curriculum, to have a breadth of experiences throughout their school life and to have the opportunity to make links within their learning so that they can truly demonstrate an application of what they know to new and existing concepts.

We achieve this with a clearly thought through progression of knowledge throughout each key phase. This year we are in the process of refining our curriculum offer to ensure that knowledge builds up even deeper through the full range of the curriculum and that it is delivered in a way that clearly supports every child to secure their understanding and be able to confidently and independently apply what they have learnt.

We aim to ensure that the children have a secure and deep understanding in the core subjects of reading, writing and Maths and we have this same ambition for the full range of subjects we teach within the Early Years (Reception) and the national curriculum from Years One to Six. Some of these subjects (e.g. PE and Music) are taught by specialist teachers and we do also share expertise across our staff team.

Our Topics run in half term blocks which build upon previous learning. In Science, Humanities, Arts and RE we ensure that the children are able to achieve key knowledge milestones and then apply this knowledge to wider concepts and debates. 

Our curriculum extends to a range of wider opportunities and we are proud to provide our children with the chance for example to be in a choir, orchestra, perform at Young Voices, attend an extensive range of PE Festivals, take part in an annual Oracy Showcase, go on educational visits, have special Hook Days, learn to cook, do carpentry, create animations, work with our secondary schools, take part in Big Bang Science Week, Bikeability and support voluntary work around our school and for local charities. We also support their emotional well being through 'The Art of Being Brilliant' initiative. 

Please scroll down to see a summary of our Two Year Rolling Programme attached below and also a more detailed overview of our curriculum intent and key knowledge milestones for Years One to Six. This is then added to by the teachers with the most recent terms overview for English and Maths as well.