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Classes & teaching groups

Our school has the capacity to take 315 children. 

  • Foundation: one overall Foundation Unit (capacity 45) 
  • Key Stage One: This year we have one Year 1 class (Cherry) and two Year 2 classes (Cedar & Chestnut).  Phonics is taught in small groups based on ability but all other subjects are taught in class.
  • Year Three and Four: There are three mixed year classes (Hawthorn, Hazel and Holly). There remains a key focus on reading and phonics in early Year Three to support the move from KS1 to KS2. Maths is taught in three ability groups.  All other subjects are taught in classes, although the teacher will differentiate work by ability to provide additional support or challenge as required. 
  • Year Five and Six: These year groups are in mixed classes for non-core subjects and English.  For maths, there are four ability groups which means the learning can be better matched to needs.