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Every subject in our school has clear milestones and details of what we expect the children to know and remember and revisit over time. These are in line with the national curriculum, yet adapted for our school and the children.  They are quite detailed documents, yet if you wish to see them, then please just ask and they are also at the bottom of each subject page which can be accessed on the green tabs opposite.

Our teachers plan and work closely across each year group phase to ensure knowledge is being gained cumulatively and builds on prior learning. We also plan in Themed Weeks to allow the chidlern to explore, expand and make connections with knowledge gained.

These milestone documents are overseen and monitored by the Senior Leadership Team.

Our Governors also play a role in monitoring the implementation of our curriculum.

As parents, every  half term you will get a curriculum overview of the subjects being taught this term and also additional reading lists your children may wish to refer to or that you may wish to read to them.

Thesely half term overviews can be found at the bottom of the main curriculum page.