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COVID 19 Updates and Provision and COntingency plan

Please scroll down for the latest Risk Assessment, Home/School Agreement and FAQS for parents. The latter includes our staggered start and finish times. There are also copies of recent key letters home and our contingency planning for remote home learning.

From the outset of the pandemic, our school has been determined to ensure the safety of our children, staff and wider community, whilst also being unwavering in our commitment to continue to offer a high standard of learning and well being. We feel that we successfully achieved this in the Spring and Summer terms of 2020 and thank everyone for their role in making this happen. We have been proactive, planned ahead, had a clear roadmap, implemented Government safety guidance well, maintained a high quality home learning weekly pack that covered all curriculum areas, embarked on online learning, used video links creatively and communicated well with home. As a result, we had over 80% of our school children complete their home learning remotely, were able to give parents and children weekly feedback, provided welfare support, differentiated learning and also re-integrated 60% of our children back into school full time from 1st June. In our Transition Week (w/c 13.7.20) we had 95% of our whole school back in class for 2 days so that everyone would be prepared for September!

We are delighted that we can now welcome back all of our children full time from 4th September 2020 from Years One to Six. Our new Foundation children (Acorns Class) have a phased integration from 4th September and then start full time from Monday 14th September.

Safety of course remains paramount; as does our desire and drive for providing a full curriculum offer.

So as of September, the safety measures in line with Government guidance will continue (see links below) and we will be offering a full curriculum to all year groups as well as catching up on any learning missed.

Please see below our full risk assessment from September 2020 and our updated Home/School agreement as well as an updated FAQS update for parents. The FAQs include our staggered start and finish times.