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COVID 19 Latest Info

Update March 2021: In light of the recent Government announcement please find below our updated risk assessment and copies of the most recent letters home.

All children will be back on the 8th March 2021. We are then going to manage the return in three phases for them as we feel this will be the best plan to get them all back on track academically and also to support them socially and emotionally.

  • Phase 1- from 8th March until Easter holidays (3.5 weeks)- in this phase we will focus on reintegrating the children back into school routines and expectations and build up their learning stamina, presentation and handwriting standards, reconnect friendships, offer a broad and balanced curriculum to excite them about learning, to motivate them and to re-launch our expectations over learning and behaviour. We will be informally assessing them for any gaps in learning and to ensure their well-being is catered for. This worked well as a strategy when we returned last time. We will be identifying what extra support may be needed and also reminding children of our expectations and ambition for them. There will be a continued focus on reading and phonics. We will be offering structured play opportunities at lunch and break to help the children mix again successfully and re-establish friendships.
  • Phase 2- Summer Term (April-July 2021)- After Easter, we will formally assess the children so we can then track their progress over the Summer Term. We will also use this term to do more focused and bespoke interventions and ‘catch up’ as needed. We will endeavour as lock down eases nationally to look at more extra-curricular clubs, performances and events that start to provide the additional wider opportunities that they have missed out on. We will also be relaunching our behaviour and rewards system. We are looking at how we timetable and chunk learning to fill in gaps missed from January-March or may need going over again.
  • Phase 3- Autumn Term 2021- From the experience of the last lockdown and return, then we are confident and hopeful that school will be back to its ‘normal’ self at this time and that we will have been able to assess, catch up and fill gaps that means we can fully return to our whole curriculum offer and way of working and drive forward.