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What is their purpose?

As a church school, our assemblies are a key part of our school week. They are focused around a 'Big Question' linked to a theme. This theme may be linked to our PROUD Principles, to British Values or to a topical issue. We sometimes discuss issues linked to national/international events in order to give them balance and perspective in how they view the world around them.

As a Church School, we do underpin our assemblies with Christian values and bible stories, yet we are an inclusive school and we are mindful and respectful of other faiths. Our assemblies are there to present children with a firm foundation for a strong moral code based in Christian teachings for their life now and in the future, whatever beliefs they may choose to have. They are there to allow for reflection, discussion and guidance on how to be the best version of themselves and make a contribution to wider society.

We also aim to make the assemblies relevant to the children and to the world they live in now. They take part in role play, discussion, reflection and we display a lot of this work in the hall and in classrooms. The children also contribute to prayers in assembly, through offerings in the Prayer Basket. Every half term a group of children work as Assembly Leaders and help plan and deliver assemblies.

How do assemblies work?

In light of COVID19, our assemblies have had to work slightly differently, yet we have been able to still deliver them daily either in person or via video link! The idea of them working round a weekly 'Big Question' linked to a theme still remains as does having children as Assembly Leaders,however from September 2020 our format will have a few tweaks!

Our Assembly Schedule will follow a two week cycle and allow for even more differentiated approaches for all our age groups. This bespoke approach will encourage further inclusivity and invitation to join in as well as being inspirational and thought provoking.

On either a Monday or a Thursday afternoon each year group (in class) will have a key assembly lead in person by Mrs Boyce, Headteacher and the Assembly Leaders as well as representatives from the Church. This will then be followed up with daily assemblies by class teachers and church members linked to the theme or big question. This will then lead to a sharing of of work and impact of the assemblies with each other over the course of the two weeks.

  • Monday/Thursday- 'Big Question' assembly
  • Tuesday- Class Assembly to follow up the Big Question
  • Wednesday- Music Appreciation Assembly (linked to the theme)
  • Thursday- Big Question Assembly sharing of learning
  • Friday- Star Assemblies (Celebration and Praise)

At key times of the year our children attend worships and blessings at Church, for example at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival.  Where this may not be possible due to COVID 19, these services will be held at school.

This academic year our themes are as follows:

  • Autumn Term 2020- How to live our school vision/ Resilience/ Christmas and the meaning of Advent
  • Spring Term 2021- Compassion/ Lent and Easter- a focus on hope and making a difference to others
  • Summer Term 2021- What is community? /Pentecost and Prayer Stations