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What is their purpose?

As a church school, our assemblies are a key part of our school day and are held daily at 2:30pm.  They are focused around a 'Big Question' linked to a theme. This theme may be linked to our PROUD Principles, to British Values or to a topical issue. We sometimes discuss issues linked to national/international events in order to give them balance and perspective in how they view the world around them.

As a Church School, we do underpin our assemblies with Christian values and bible stories, yet we are an inclusive school and we are mindful and respectful of other faiths. Our assemblies are there to present children with a firm foundation for a strong moral code based in Christian teachings for their life now and in the future, whatever beliefs they may choose to have. They are there to allow for reflection, discussion and guidance on how to be the best version of themselves and make a contribution to wider society.

We also aim to make the assemblies relevant to the children and to the world they live in now. They take part in role play, discussion, reflection and we display a lot of this work in the hall and in classrooms. The children also contribute to prayers in assembly, through offerings in the Prayer Basket and in helping plan and deliver assemblies.

How do assemblies work?

  • On a Monday, we launch the week with a 'Big Question' using modern/real life examples relevant to the children and involve them in planning the assemblies and contributing ideas and opinions. The children learn through oracy and discussions are in 'Talk Trios'.  Prayers are led by the children who have contributed their offerings to the Prayer Basket in the hall.
  • In their Class Assembly on a Tuesday, the children complete a reflection activity linked to this question and this work is displayed either in the hall or in the Soul Space in each classroom.
  • Wednesday is our Singing Assembly, with the children learning hymns/songs that link to the weekly theme and/or Christian celebration.
  • Our Thursday assemblies are 'Open the Book' assemblies lead by the Church and focus on broadening the children's knowledge and understanding of key bible stories and parables, which they can use as a moral compass.
  • Finally, on a Friday, we have either a Star Assembly or a Class Assembly. Parents are actively encouraged to attend these assemblies. In a Star Assembly we look at whose light has been shining brightly and reward the children through a Star Award for behaviours linked to the current theme/focus. This often links to our PROUD Principles.  In a Class Assembly, the children share their learning from their recent topic to their parents and then those parents have the chance to visit the classroom afterwards and look at their child's books.

At key times of the year our children attend worships and blessings at Church, for example at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival.