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Update Jan 21- we also have ideas for Worship at Home and prayers each week on our Remote Home Learning Page, supported by resources from ODBE. 

As a church school, our daily assemblies are an integral part of our school week and play a key role in the character and personal development of our children. They are planned and led by our children as Assembly Leaders and they play an important role in how we shape our worship and what ‘Big Questions’ linked to our vision we want to explore.  

Our assemblies are an opportunity to praise, celebrate, reflect and wonder about our school vision and how it can enrich our daily lives. We underpin our assemblies with our vision of ‘Let your Light Shine’ and ‘Grow Together, Shine Forever’ through Christian values, bible stories, our PROUD principles and through key Christian festivals and events in the Church calendar.

We are an inclusive school and so our assemblies are also mindful and respectful of other faiths. Our assemblies are there to present all our children with a firm foundation for a strong moral code based on Christian values for their life now and in the future, whatever beliefs they may choose to have. They serve as a vehicle for them to reflect, discuss, question and evaluate how they can become the best version of themselves and let their light shine on others for the collective good.

We aim to make the assemblies current and relevant to the world the children live in now and reflect national and global issues. Our Assembly Leaders help to plan, deliver and review our assemblies to ensure that they have relevance and connect with their peers, so that assemblies are invitational and inspire them.

The opportunity to gather for collective assemblies comes in a range of experiences and they are interactive and fully involve the children and staff in their discussion and sharing of views and experiences. Assemblies use drama, role play, music, art, symbols, stories and ‘talk trios’ to ensure a range of experiences is offered. We have assemblies in the hall, in classrooms, in the woods at Christmas, outside and now even virtually via video links! We have used our hall to display class bubble reflections on key parts of our vision. For example, we have shared reflections on ‘let your light shine’, the parable of the Good Samaritan and of Jesus the Sower. We have managed to adapt well to delivering our assemblies in a COVID secure way!

The children contribute to prayers in assembly, through either prayers in the Prayer Basket or impromptu prayers at the end of an assembly based on what thoughts/feelings it has provoked in them.

We have differentiated our approach to assembly to allow for accessibility for all age groups and we also ensure a spread of age groups lead church services at key times of the year such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

Our assemblies follow a weekly format of:

  • Monday- our ‘Big Question’ linked to the vision and theme
  • Tuesday- Class Assembly- Follow up reflection time on the Big Question
  • Wednesday- Music Appreciation Assembly
  • Thursday- Sharing of learning from ‘Big Question’ and links to our Christian vision
  • Friday- Star Assemblies and Good Samaritan celebration and praise assembly

Our local clergy support worship through leading blessings at Church Services and through ‘Open the Book’. Governors, leaders and children review assemblies to see if it is helping us deepen our connection to our core vision.

Our themes for this year are based around our vision and the church calendar:

  • Autumn Term 2020- How do we live our school vision?/ Christmas and the meaning of Advent
  • Spring Term 2021- What is our light? How well does it shine? and ‘What is prayer?’/Lent and Easter
  • Summer Term 2021- What is community and how do we let our light shine beyond our school? /Pentecost