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Carnivals, criminals, ice and intestines....and that's just the first day back

From the Poles to the Tropics, with time to catch a crook and a visit to the loo!  What a fantastic first week back at school with all our children enjoying their hook days.


Foundation children have come back to the frozen magic of ‘Ice Journey’ and have been exploring polar animals from their Polar Station.  Feeling slightly more tropical, Year One and Two began the term in full Rio Carnival mode - so much colour in one place!  The children loved making their carnival masks and headgear, finding out what a carnival is and then dancing the Samba. The teachers were impressed with how much the children wanted to find out about such a contrasting culture to their own. 


Year Three and Four children learnt all about the digestive system and made a model to show how our food is digested and ‘passed through’ the body.  They had a wonderful time mashing up food just as the stomach does and pushing it through the intestines (aka nylon tights!) and then seeing how the liquid and solid body waste separated out.


More serious for our Year Five and Six children who arrived in school to see a ‘crime scene’ in the library.  They had to become detectives and catch the criminal!  They watched CCTV footage (very convincingly created by the teaching team), used feet and hand measurements to work out the height of suspects, wrote and produced a public CrimeWatch-style appeal, eliminated suspects in a line up and then tested for finger prints.  They were literally buzzing with excitement!  This was topped by a real life visit from a Detective Inspector who answered the children’s questions about how police work to use clues and forensics to solve crimes. 


‘This is the best Hook Day ever!’ one of the children said – not bad for the first day back after the Christmas holidays!